Sunday, April 04, 2010


In the Bad Old Days Easter, Xmas and birthdays were an excuse for "guilt-free" unlimited eating. Which, of course led to eating far more than I actually wanted/needed in preparation for the famine times ahead.

Things are a little bit different this year. I now know that if I don't eat all my easter-related chocolate this weekend, I'll still be allowed it next week or next month, and I'm happy at the thought of our Creme Egg gift pack (thanks Mum and Dad!) sitting at home waiting for me/him to enjoy when the mood takes us. In times past I wouldn't have been able to live with it's presence, it would gnaw at me until I'd eradicated it.

Easter is a time to celebrate the coming of spring, rebirth of nature all around us. We celebrate the end of the hard, barren winter months and the start of the fresh, abundant springtime. This year I'm focusing on the end of years of deprivation and misery and my new life of acceptance, happiness and fulfilment.
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