Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Philosophy of Maxi Dresses

Faux Lace Maxi, originally uploaded by BB Allen.

This is my new maxi dress from Simply Be, it's my first maxi dress above a size 14.

I've always considered maxi dresses as for thin people, so the only times I've worn them has been when I was thin, or before I fist began dieting (under age14).

Of course, now I have permission from myself to eat and wear whatever hell I want; what I want to wear is the things I had forbidden myself to wear when fat. I needed a maxi dress.

And so I have spent months trying to find a maxi dress, and it proved much harder than I thought. Maxi dresses tend to come in extrodinarily garish fabrics, the kind of fabric that's ordinarily only used in Fat Person Clothing.

Fat Person Clothing is he kind of clothing that you're supposed to wear when you're fat: perhaps the theory is migraine-inducing colours will distract from the hideous fat fatty fatness of our bodies.

I would not dream of wearing Fat Person Clothing, it's just so intensly not me. I sometimes wish I was someone who could pull it off (and some wonderful Fatshonistas totally do), because it'd make finding clothing on the high street so much easier (Evans I'm looking at you).

So I love this dress, the mock-lace pattern is classic enough for me to pull off - that it's a white dress patterned in black means it's summery enough too. The dress is from Simply Be and is a size 18 (I range between roughly 18 and 24 depending on the garment), the fit's on the larger size so it fits pretty much perfectly (I have a cocktail dress from Simply B in a size 20 and it's a tiny bit on the large size).

Dilemma well and truly solved.


  1. Anonymous3:46 am

    I too want a maxi dress, but in addition to being fat, I am also 64 years old. I want a dress that allows me to wear a regular bra and is a somewhat subdued color. I may sew one, knowing full well that I will have to design the pattern myself.


  2. Anonymous4:37 pm

    This is directed at Sal - sells beautiful solid-colored maxi-dresses in sizes up to 7X. In addition to "sundress" types, they also have many with short and even long sleeves. So no problem wearing "regular" undergarments. They're based in India, ship internationally, and are very reasonably-priced. I'm not affiliated with them in any way - just a loyal customer. I own 5 of their dresses in various colors (and intend to buy more) - they're basically my trademark garment.


  3. I love the print on this dress. You are totally rocking the maxi! I just bought my second maxi dress, and I'm already wanting more. They are just so comfy!

    Loving The Reflection

  4. If I was girlier, I'd so wear this, it's gorgeous.

    Re: fat lasses clothing:

    Dear Evans, I do not wish to draw attention to myself with the following: sparkles, tassels, glitter, gold, neon, bad clothing cuts, shiny pseudo-pop-culture prints.

    I *do* want to wear proper flares. Please make this happen as I'd like to cover up my own leg shape - I (as many big girls) find straight legs make me look like the Fat Controller.

    Signed, Beth.

  5. Anonymous6:46 pm

    A fellow fattie here, I'm roughly a size 12/14 and 5ft 6, A special occasion is coming up and I'd love to wear a maxi dress, I don't wanna look pregnant or frumpy in it?
    Do you think I'd be able to pull it off?
    Signed, Isabella

  6. Maxi dresses are great for special occasions because there are some amazing glam ones available - at 5'6" too i'd also say that wearing a maxi dress is an excellent excuse not to wear high heels (any excuse, I hate wearing heels). I'm sure you can pull it off Isabella!


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