Monday, November 02, 2009

Obese 'struggle to earn living'?

Didn't take long to find inspiration in the news (quell surprise).

An article centred around how it's hard to find work if you're fat.
Which it is.  

I was interested to note that 'overweight and obese' is contrasted with 'normal and underweight'.  When they're going to blame us all being unemployed on health problems (because all fat people have them) it seems rather daft to put the two groups associated with health risk in two opposing categories.  I'd be more interested if it was divided into 'norman and overweight' vs. 'normal and underweight'.

Back to that argument then.  "One charity said there was no doubt obesity affected work, through prejudice and health problems" (doesn't mention which charity, suspiciously - is weight watchers a charity yet?).

The main prejudice that we face in regards to finding employment is the assumption that FAT = SICK, employers (like the writers of this article it would seem) subscribe to this notion that as being obese is a disease, they treat you like any other sick person - and put you straight on the reject pile.

Add to this the myths surrounding us Fatties.  That we do nothing but eat, we're gluttenous, we're lazy.  We'll spend all the time we're there shirking work and eating cake, for goodness sake! That's when we're not off to the doctors for our blood-pressure and heart disease and Deathfatz...

As a Mad Fattie I can recognise it as the same prejudice that compels me to lie on job applications about my medical history - noone will employ you if they think you'll end up 'on the sick'.

The entire second part of the article is dedicated to an informed discussion on how it's our fault for being fat, and how the Obesity Epidemic must be stopped (with no discussion as to how to do so).

Righteous anger is so easy to find.

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